Why you should by our Grey Water system?

we stock a wide range of Grey water Diversion solutions like the G-Flow Plug and Play to help you use your shower and laundry water to irrigation your garden. Water is a valuable resource in the country and our products can help you save up to 200,000 Liters per household per year. Over 10,000 G-Flow Grey water diverter systems have been sold worldwide with remarkable plant and landscape outcome, as well as great water saving results. Our grey water system have won several water saving awards in shows worldwide and carry all the proper certification for use in all Australian states and territories. We stock all spare parts for our systems and have an excellent warranty policy on all our products. Customer support is our number one priority and if assistance is required at any stage, please feel free to call us on +61430094718 or send us an email.

What is Grey Water and what can it be used for?

Choosing a Grey Water system

Step 1:

We have three Grey Water Diverter systems to choose from, G-Flow, Grey Flow PS and the Grey Flow PS Pro. Each system has advantages over the other. If you have a small house then the G-Flow is the product for you. If you have a bigger house or wish to have a system that has automatic filtration cleaning reducing maintenance, or require a system for commercial use then the Grey Flow PS and Grey Flow PS Pro are designed for this. If you require a large system for commercial sites please contact us so we can design a system for your requirements.

Step 2:

After choosing your grey water system, you will need to decide how you will distribute the water onto your garden. we have a range of Drip Irrigation Kits. We also have a Rotor valve to help distribute equal amounts of water over 6 stations.